Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Poem by Liam Moynagh

Plato wrote of man's neverending quest
to find the half that suits him best.
So I say with all the certainty I can muster,
you and I must have been torn asunder.
Our lives have been spent in search of the other,
we are two pieces made by the same puzzler;
two halves, meant to be one together,
it is you that I will love forever.
No other can offer me that which you do
your love i will forever pursue.

I may be no wordsmith or playwright,
no Shakespeare, no Marlowe, nor Chaucer,
yet i hope this stirs you more than a Midsummer's Night
for without you I am but a poor pauper.
For all that you are
I hope all but one thing
whether I be near or be far
happiness thoughts of me may bring

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