Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trapped in the Future by Nick M.

It was my first day on the new job. I had just been hired by this research firm and electronic lab. I had completed my internship at another firm owned by this company that was located just across the street. Yet this was my first day at the main building, I could not keep the excitement in me. It was going so well, and I was enjoying every part of it. Then, right after my lunch break, everything changed drastically, and for the worse. I was running a little late after lunch and there was somewhere I had to be at 1 o’clock sharp. Not wanting to be late to something on my first day, I hustled down the hallways to get where I needed to go. In this one hallway, there were wet floor signs that I did not happen to see. After running a little bit, I entered this hallway and immediately stumbled. Trying to keep my balance, I stumbled on into an adjacent room. I continued to stumble in the room until I fell completely. I landed in this odd circular pod mechanism. As soon as I landed, the door to this pod slammed shut and the machine began clicking. Eventually it zapped me with an unknown laser beam and unconscious I went.

I was horrified to see what I had awoken to. Although it felt as if I was out for maybe ten minutes, I apparently had been unconscious for about a thousand years! I saw a calendar in the building I had awoken in. It read that today’s date was June 1st, 3000. I then left the building, and then the real horrific sights began. I originally had worked in Newark, New Jersey. When I looked at a billboard outside, it said I was in Old Newark, in the state of Newer New Jersey. This startling aspect was the least frightening of the sights. The creatures and life forms on this future planet were amazing. The humans were the majority, but the variations of creatures were ridiculous. There were robots of all shapes and sizes on every corner. Some big, some small, some with flashing lights some looked ready to break down. This new world was inhabited by living interacting robots, something unheard of in my time. There were also a rather large number of extraterrestrial beings, most of which I could not particularly identify. All of these multiple forms or life, both natural earthly creatures and man made machines, were quite astonishing. This new set of beings was hard to grasp, and fully accept as real.

The new methods of transportation of the future are also quite different. For starters, there are no longer cars that move on the land. The form of cars of the future is hover cars, and the future’s equivalent of trucks is space ships. There is public transportation in the future too. It is a system of tubes where a person steps into the tube, states their destination, and is transported through the system of tubes to the selected place. The systems of tubes, I have heard, run all over the world. And they are the cheapest method of transportation. This method is also one of the fastest, as the tubes travel at almost light speed. The transportation was weird but easy to get used to, as it was so efficient compared to my time. This was the first thing I liked a lot about the future.

I had one major dilemma at hand. I had no clue how to get home. I tried to re-enter the pod but it was broken down for repair. I wandered around searching for another time machine but I had no luck. I found may labs where they would freeze a person and that person would wake up in the future. There was no way home. I was stuck in this crazy future and I didn’t know what to do. I began trying to calm myself, and take in exactly what is happening, because I still had not fully accepted my fate, that I have now become trapped in the future. I had been asking for people for directions to other laboratories and help and other things since I arrived, and it seemed like I was going to be stuck here for awhile. Nobody understood my story, and most never even heard of the freezing pods that I had been trapped in. I was too scared to ask the mutants or robots for help, as they could very well hurt me. Hope was fading fast for a quick return home.

It was apparent I was in serious trouble. I have been looking desperately for a way home for hours, and to no avail. There seems to be no way to get home. I might be stuck in the year 3000 forever. I have to continue to look for more ways out. Will I ever get home? Or is my new life here, in the future, the new world. At this point, all I can do is wonder what the future has in store for me………

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