Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aftermath 3210 by Owen MacNeill

Aftermath 3210

When I had stepped outside of the time machine I found myself in a strange place that I have never seen before. The ground was covered in ash and the sky was almost red with kicked up dirt and soot. The only other life I could see was the small bugs that scattered throughout ruins of small objects and other animals. I didn’t know that when I put Hackensack year 3210 into the time machine that I would end up in a nuclear wasteland. There was nothing in site but broken down buildings and the occasional rat scurried across the ground. I had to move and find some other people in this area.

`Everywhere I looked there were ruins of buildings that once stood higher than many buildings in the world and it was easy to tell that this place was once a bustling business center. There were banks and financial centers blown apart, exposing their safes surrounded by iron bars and large dials. The road had even worn away and the asphalt that I was walking upon would crack and crumble under the lightest steps; whatever happened here completely obliterated everything that had once stood here. Even the animals that I saw were strange looking. Some had three eyes, others were missing limbs, and some were even fused together at different joints.

As I was walking down the street looking for some sign of human inhabitants I noticed a small cave like structure made from pieces of fallen stone from an old building. Upon entering the cave I found about a dozen people all starved and tired who looked at me with big watery eyes. Seeing this I knew that whatever happened to Hackensack had happened recently because these people were still wearing tattered suits and blouses with their dress shoes for work. They told me that the United States angered their long standing North Korean rivals and nuclear war broke out throughout the world. Pyong-Yang was the first city to be hit and was destroyed within days of the first strikes. The next city to be attacked was Washington D.C. and the surrounding area including New Jersey. From what the survivors could tell me I figured out that other parts of the country were still intact and running but almost all of New Jersey and New York was completely decimated.

There anguish was overwhelming and it was easy to tell that they wanted was a home to go to. I decided that I could not go back to my time without first helping these people. I gave them all the water that I brought and every freeze dried meal in my backpack along with a map so that they could navigate their way across the country to the hopefully still intact Mid-West. They were very thankful and made sure that I warn the people of the past of what could happen in the future if they aren’t careful of how they treat International Relations.

As I watched them start heading east I could only think of how my life would change when I travel back in time. I would do everything in my power to stop the fighting between nations. To mend relations in the Middle East, to settle North Korea and to calm the United States so what I saw in the future can never happen. No one should have to live through the pain that these people had experienced in a little over a month. Their lives were ruined by the actions of the people of my time and everything I can do to reverse that outcome I will.

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